The Best Exercise Games for the Xbox Kinect

Okay, the Xbox One Kinect looks pretty darned cool

Posted by steve on June - 27 - 2013

As unfortunate as the PR job that Microsoft did at E3 was (by the way, they’ve since reversed course and have ), they did a great job by letting some folks in the media preview the new Xbox One Kinect (formerly known as the Kinect 2.0). Check out this video from Hit Me Back. Clearly, the good folks in Redmond have been listening and have built some great improvements into  [ Read More ]

Xbox One and what it means for fitness gaming

Posted by steve on May - 28 - 2013

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog. It wasn’t for lack of desire, but it seems that fitness games for the Xbox have just dried up. I’d played and reviewed pretty much every active game on the Kinect; the “top 10” list you see on this site hasn’t really changed because those old games pretty much remain the best of the best out there for working out  [ Read More ]

best buy kinect sale

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the blog, mainly because it’s been a while since there’s been a new Kinect active-motion game worth reviewing. You almost get the sense that game developers are sitting back and waiting to see what happens to the Xbox 720, which is rumored to be announced sometime in the next few weeks. As we wait for the news–and for the future  [ Read More ]

Review of Just Dance 4 for Kinect

Posted by steve on February - 2 - 2013
just dance 4 for kinect review

Just Dance 4 Solid Xbox Fitness Game Despite a few glitches, Just Dance 4 is an excellent dance game that focuses more on fun and frivolity vs. the more serious and technical Dance Central 3. Its fun and its motivational features are excellent for getting you to return over and over to get a great workout. Rating by steve: 4.5 stars I’ve previously written reviews of Just Dance 4 for  [ Read More ]

Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY is a, by all accounts, a phenomenon. On YouTube, as of this writing the official music video has 1 billion, one hundred ninety three million, three hundred forty thousand, four hundred and ninety-four view. And counting. The video is approaching 7 million “likes”. The video is so popular that even YouTube designed a special icon just for this song. My friend Jack (who’s always  [ Read More ]

Review of Rapala for Kinect

Posted by steve on January - 14 - 2013

Rapala for Kinect Weird fishing game that’s actually kind of fun once you get past the weirdness Rapala for Kinect is the latest in a series of fishing simulation games by Activision. The Kinect version adds full motion gestures for casting, hooking, and reeling in fish. Some parts are surprisingly realistic, while other parts are obviously there to make the game accessible to kids. And surprisingly, you can get a  [ Read More ]

Week #2 of the Dance Central Fitness Challenge

Posted by steve on January - 13 - 2013

Week #2 of Dance Central’s Fitness Challenge is an interesting one. I guess in honor of it being 2013, they’ve named it “The Unlucky 13 Challenge”. Their instructions are to pick a song from the entire Dance Central library, including DC, DC2, DC3, and all downloadable content), and create a playlist that features the same song 13 times! This actually works great for fitness, as a song that’s about 3  [ Read More ]

dance central 3

So, in order to play the Dance Central 3 challenges, I need to do what I’ve been putting off doing and import all the songs from Dance Central and Dance Central 2. As I said in a previous post, I really like the fact that Harmonix lets you do this; I only wish Ubisoft would follow in its footsteps and let you do the same thing with Just Dance. The  [ Read More ]

Well, the good folks at Harmonix are getting into the act of helping us with our New Year’s weight loss resolutions. They’re introducing “Fitness Challenge Fridays”. The first challenge was issued this past Friday, January 4 and it looks like they’ll be posting a new “challenge” every week. Unlike the Microsoft promotion, there are no “prizes” for taking part in this Challenge. On the other hand, it looks like Harmonix  [ Read More ]

UPDATE 1/8/13 10:58 AM – Hooray (sort of). The squeaky wheels gets the grease (sort of). After bugging Microsoft and ePrize (the folks who maintain Xbox Live Rewards), they finally came to some clarity. Their landing page for the promotion has been updated to display the official list of games that are eligible for the “play for 20 hours, get 100 points” promotion AS WELL AS the “buy 800 points  [ Read More ]