The Best Exercise Games for the Xbox Kinect

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Fitness on the Xbox One: 2018 Update

Posted by steve on December - 12 - 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the world of Xbox fitness, and that’s largely because of the demise of motion gaming in general. The death of the Kinect had been long rumored after Microsoft stopped requiring it to be bundled with the Xbox One, and Microsoft made it official at the end of October 2018. One company that never lost the faith was Virtual Air Guitar Company. I’ve  [ Read More ]

Xbox Fitness from Microsoft is being shut down

Posted by steve on June - 27 - 2016

In a bit of surprising news, Microsoft announced today that their Xbox Fitness product is being discontinued. Effective immediately, you won’t be able to purchase Xbox Fitness content, although existing users of Xbox Fitness will be able to continue to play the content they’ve purchased for a year, through June 30, 2017. But on July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness will be removed completely and not available for anyone to download or play.  [ Read More ]

just dance 2015 for xbox one

Rounding out the list of promising Xbox Fitness Games announced at E3 2014 is one that we all knew was coming: Just Dance 2015. Even back in 2011 when Dance Central 2 and Just Dance 3 were competing head-to-head with each other, we were asking which one the better game was. The answer was clear: both of them. That is, if you wanted a fun game to play with friends  [ Read More ]

dance central spotlight for xbox one

While Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness continues to be impressive, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a true “exergame”, that is, a motion control title on a console that’s not just good for exercise that’s also fun and addictive to play as a video game. Just when you thought exergaming was all but dead with the exit of publishers like EA and disappointing Kinect 2 games like Fighter Within and Kinect Sports Rivals,  [ Read More ]

Unboxing the Xbox One

Posted by steve on November - 24 - 2013
Xbox one unit

So, I was pretty happy that I’d taken my own advice a few months ago and pre-ordered the Xbox One from Best Buy. I went into the store yesterday around noon and saw barricades left over from midnight when people had been lined up in the cold. When I walked into the store, there was a huge line of people who had gotten tickets that allowed them to purchase their  [ Read More ]

Xbox One Exercise Games Available on Launch Date

Posted by steve on November - 17 - 2013
xbox one launch date is 11/22/13

Are you ready for the Xbox One? On Friday, November 22, it’ll be in stores. It’s no secret that Nintendo’s Wii U has stumbled out of the gate, and early indications are the Sony’s Playstation 4 launch left a lot to be desired. Microsoft is starting to look a little prescient in waiting to be third in line to relase their next-generation console. While I own both a PS3 and  [ Read More ]

bing rewards for xbox points

As we prepare for the Xbox Fitness service to launch on Xbox LIVE Gold, one question you might have is–do I really need to shell out $50 for a year-long membership? There’s actually a way you can get Xbox LIVE Gold for free, and it doesn’t involve doing anything that breaks Microsoft’s policies–in fact, Microsoft encourages you to do it! There’s a catch though–you have to start using Bing as  [ Read More ]

Microsoft announces Xbox Fitness service (no relation)

Posted by steve on September - 27 - 2013
xbox fitness videos

Microsoft today announced a new service for the Xbox One to be called “Xbox Fitness”. I should first say that this is in no way affiliated with this site. The site you’re on is a fan site put up by a tubby individual who loves working out on his Xbox 360 and has pre-ordered an Xbox One to work out with that as well. I’m excited to hear that Microsoft and  [ Read More ]

kinect playfit welcome screen

A little over a year ago, Microsoft released a new App for the Xbox called Kinect PlayFit. This was supposed to be the next big thing in Xbox Fitness Gaming where no matter what fitness game you played, the calories you burned would be recorded in this App. It’s probably fair to say that the app hasn’t taken off as much as Microsoft (or I) was expecting it to. Personally,  [ Read More ]

Okay, the Xbox One Kinect looks pretty darned cool

Posted by steve on June - 27 - 2013

As unfortunate as the PR job that Microsoft did at E3 was (by the way, they’ve since reversed course and have ), they did a great job by letting some folks in the media preview the new Xbox One Kinect (formerly known as the Kinect 2.0). Check out this video from Hit Me Back. Clearly, the good folks in Redmond have been listening and have built some great improvements into  [ Read More ]