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Use Bing Rewards to Earn Credits for Xbox Games

Posted by steve on November - 18 - 2011 with 0 Comment

If you’re not on Bing Rewards yet, you really should think about it!

With Bing Rewards, you get points every time you search on Bing (up to 10 points a day) and when you perform certain tasks. For those who don’t know, Bing is basically Microsoft’s attempt to build a search engine that competes with Google. They’ve had years of very bad luck with such absurdities as MSN Search and Windows Live search. But with Bing, their algorithm is actually not too bad these days.

Of course, I won’t be crazy and tell you to stop using Google. But what I do is, I have Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers on my laptop. I set my default search engine on MSIE to Bing, and to Google on the other browsers. This way, when I happen to use Internet Explorer, I’ll get points for searches.

Once you collect points, you can trade them in for all kinds of things; my preferred choice is Xbox Live points. Just one month of searches is enough to land you about 200-300 points, or enough for one add-on song or feature on many games.

So Sign up today and start collecting those free points!