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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the blog, mainly because it’s been a while since there’s been a new Kinect active-motion game worth reviewing. You almost get the sense that game developers are sitting back and waiting to see what happens to the Xbox 720, which is rumored to be announced sometime in the next few weeks. As we wait for the news–and for the future  [ Read More ]

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A few retailers have some great deals going on with the best Kinect Fitness games out there, great if you just got a brand new Xbox 360 and want to work off some of the weight you’ve been gaining since Thanksgiving (and yes, I fall under that category). Nike+ Kinect Training, ranked #1 on our list of best Kinect fitness games, is on sale for $10 off at Amazon at  [ Read More ]

Nice deal on a Kinect Sensor

Posted by steve on November - 14 - 2012
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If you don’t have one yet, here’s a great deal on a new Kinect at eBay. The deal is for a brand new Kinect sensor at only $99, including Kinect Adventures, Gunstringer, and Fruit Ninja Kinect. If you have an Xbox and have been on the fence about getting a sensor, this is probably the best deal you’ll find that doesn’t involve purchasing it in a bundle. But hurry, it  [ Read More ]

Review of Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox

Posted by steve on October - 30 - 2012

Nike+ Kinect Training The best workout game for the Kinect With a professional set of exercise routines, truly personalized training programs, excellent motion tracking, and enough bell and whistles to keep the game from getting repetitive, Nike+ Kinect Training takes the mantel as the best workout game for the Xbox 360. Rating by steve: 5.0 stars The world of fitness video games has come a long way. The original Xbox  [ Read More ]

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Microsoft has a great deal going on at the moment where if you spend 1600 Microsoft Points from a select list of games, they’ll credit you with 240 extra points. If you’ve wanted to get add-ons for your Kinect Fitness games, now would be a pretty good time. Heres a list add-ons for some of the fitness games we’ve featured on this blog that you can mix and match to  [ Read More ]

Review of Kung Fu High Impact

Not sure how long this will last, but our #1 rated Xbox Fitness game, Kung Fu High Impact, is on sale at Amazon for around $15.89 with free Super Saver Shipping (update: it’s now down to $13.99 for some sellers with free shipping) There’s no telling how long this will last, so grab it while you can! As I wrote in my review of thing game, it does an amazing  [ Read More ]

For those of you who like me have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Adidas MiCoach for the Kinect, your wait is only two weeks longer. A number of retailers have posted pre-order links. The benefit of pre-ordering is that in case they end up selling more copies than they planned, you’ll have a guaranteed copy in your hands. I would definitely recommending using the in-store pickup  [ Read More ]

Kinect Sports is $5 at Best Buy!

Posted by steve on June - 17 - 2012
kinect sports review

For the price of a certain foot-long sandwich, you can get Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360, which is selling for $5 at Best Buy. Not sure how much this will last, but if you’re still missing this from your collection, now’s the time to jump (literally!)

Just Dance 3 for Xbox on sale #justdance #kinect

Posted by steve on April - 1 - 2012
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Just Dance 3 is half price at Best Buy right now. Jump on it while you can! Just Dance 3: Best Buy Exclusive Katy Perry Edition – Xbox 360

amazon sale on kinect

Hurry! For the next two hours and change (or whenever they sell out), Zumba Fitness Rush is on Amazon’s Gold Box. 10% gone already as of the time of this writing.