The Best Exercise Games for the Xbox Kinect

For those of you who like me have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Adidas MiCoach for the Kinect, your wait is only two weeks longer.

A number of retailers have posted pre-order links. The benefit of pre-ordering is that in case they end up selling more copies than they planned, you’ll have a guaranteed copy in your hands. I would definitely recommending using the in-store pickup option, as you can get the game on the release date as opposed to waiting for it to be shipped and possibly having your order accidentally cancelled (are you listening to me, Amazon?)

Here are some retailers I’ve had good experiences in the past along with links to pre-order.

GameStopicon – Looks like GameStop is accepting Pre-Orders for $39.99, the lowest I’ve seen at any retailer. They do have a pick up in store option.

Best Buy has the product in their catalog, but the order button is greyed out. Their price is $49.99, but they have a promotion where you can get a $10 gift card for spending $50 or over and selecting in-store pickup. So if you like Best Buy, keep checking back and seeing if the in-store pickup option gets activated.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for $49.99, no discounts and of course no in-store pickup option.

So right now, it looks like GameStop is the place to go for your pre-orders; not only do they have the best pricing but they’re the only ones with an in-store pickup option activated.

Of course if you’d rather wait, I’ll be doing a full review of MiCoach for Kinect here, and in a few months I’ll also be doing a review of Nike+ Kinect Training. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? It’s anyone’s guess right now, but I do like the fact that competition is going to make both sides try extra hard to win our business!