The Best Exercise Games for the Xbox Kinect

Well, ’tis the season for game publishers to start announcing games we can expect in the 2012 Christmas shopping season. The biggest announcements will probably come in a few weeks at the E3 Conference. But here are some promising games that people are talking about already.

Kung Fu Superstar from new studio Kinesthetic Games looks like a pretty interesting game where you can channel your inner Bruce Lee. The game purportedly will let you use real kung fu moves.

While the trailer looks impressive, as with any Kinect game, what’ll make this game a success or not is whether there’s the usual lag and sluggishness between your moves and the characters on the screen rendering.

Another game that’s been teased in the press, probably due to the runaway success of the movie, is Avengers: Battle for Earth by Ubisoft. The game promises to have a lot of running and jumping and throwing things, just like in the movie. Time will tell if this is a dud like so many other movie tie-in games, or if it’ll follow the example of Kinect Star Wars and give us something half decent.

Finally, Majesco just announced Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout. No, Harley Pasternak isn’t a guy on a motorcycle delivering clean milk. He’s the personal trainer of celebrities from Megan Fox to Kanye West. It’ll be interesting by the holidays to see whether people opt for “virtual trainers” of athletes in miCoach by Adidas or “virtual trainers” of celebrities in this game. But the fact that we’ll have that choice is great, and the choice will only be on the Xbox (Harley Pasternak is not available on the PS3, and MiCoach is not available on the Wii).

Long story short, looks like after a long drought we’ve got some legitimate workout games to look forward to. And I’ll let you know if there are more announcements after E3.