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Kinect in a small room is coming…

Posted by steve on August - 9 - 2011 with 0 Comment

Back in June I wrote about the amazing Nyko Zoom which allows you to play your Kinect in a small apartment or space by putting “corrective lenses” over your Kinect camera.

I’d been anticipating the arrival of my Nyko Zoom this week, but sadly, it looks like the release date has been pushed to September 13, 2011. The good news is, this is probably not the result of a product issue; participants at the E3 convention used it and raved about it. More likely, Nyko probably encountered some logistical or operational issues with producing them.

That said, the unit is on target to be delivered just a few weeks after the original date. You can still preorder Zoom for Kinect at Amazonkinect in a small room. Based on how many people have expressed challenges at getting Kinect to work in a small dorm, apartment, room, or space, something tells me this thing is going to sell like hotcakes, so get your order in!